Best Baseball Sunglasses

Best Baseball Sunglasses

Playing baseball during the summer? Aside from the gloves, shoes, bats, and other paraphernalia, you’ll need a decent pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against the sun. And to make sure you get a great pair of baseball sunglasses, pick from our list of the best:

Oakley Radar EV

Oakley is perhaps the most famous brand in the biz, as they were basically the first and remain the best. Their baseball sunglasses were revolutionary, and it didn’t take long for amateur baseball players to love them as well. The Oakley brand is very much aware that sunglasses for athletes on the field are very different from sunglasses for everyday use.

With the Radar EV, you get plenty choices when it comes to the colors of the lenses and frames. But the lenses are all set with UV-protection coating. You can go with the Prizm Lens Technology that also boosts color and contrast, so you’re able to hit and field the ball more effectively during a day game.

The frame is also tough, even as they’re lightweight. The frame can last for years, but you’ll never really feel its weight on your face. The anti-slip material on the nose and earpieces are even more effective at gripping on your face even as you sweat more profusely. The snug nose pad and the earsocks also reduce fog to guarantee stability and performance.

The whole design with the frame geometry and the lens material has been tested extensively, and it’s even rated to survive high-impact collisions with the ground and with the ball.

Oakley Radarlock

This is a relatively new version, even though it comes with a more classic design. But they’ve put in all they’ve learned about baseball sunglasses into this model, and now you have a real winner.

One option features the Prizm 24K Polarized lenses, allowing only 11% light transmission that’s fantastic under bright lights and the harsh summer sun. It doesn’t just reduce the glare, but it also increases color contrast to reveal more details. More importantly, you don’t have to deal with any sort of blind spots, unlike traditional sunglasses that tend to impeded peripheral vision.

The Radarlock also allows you to swap out lenses more easily to compensate for different playing conditions. That means you don’t have to suffer any vision issues when the rare clouds make their appearance. You can just play on.

Under Armour Octane Tuned

This brand came along with touted technology that pretty much justified the hype. For this model, you start with the Armour Sight lens technology that delivers the ultimate in image clarity and definition. In addition, you get protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

It’s lightweight (less than an ounce) for comfort, with a wrap design for a secure fit without squeezing your head too tightly. You get a 3-point grip that conforms to the shape of your head, while you can also adjust the position of the nose pad.

Keep in mind that the brand signed up Bryce Harper, and that’s the kind of superstar who doesn’t tolerate substandard equipment. But Under Armour has sure met anyone’s professional standards.

Mariucci MV436

The Mariucci brand is famous for consulting with actual players to get the features needed for their products, and that philosophy is very much evident in this pair of baseball sunglasses. It’s specifically made for in-field use, with lenses designed to boost visibility, improve clarity, and balance your color perception.

You can pick your lens color depending on your particular preferences or needs. Go with the violet base lenses for maximum color contrast, so you can track the ball in all lighting conditions.

Or you can go with a green base, for true color recognition. This is often better when you’re tracking the ball against a blue sky for fly balls, and against the green grass for rollers.

As usual, you get premium eye protection, along with a comfortable fit. The frame is equipped with a rustproof cam for both a secure fit and mobility. The lenses are scratch-resistant, and can repel water, oil, and dirt. The rubberized nose piece is adjustable, while the wrap frame design is flexible.

Rawlings Youth Ry107

This is a budget option, but this is an example of how you don’t have to pay too much to get your kids a good pair of baseball sunglasses. This is also designed specifically for baseball, unlike other budget models.

This will fit your kid’s face snugly, and it won’t move around even when they’re moving while fielding balls or wielding a bat. The temple tips also add an extra layer of soft rubber to reduce the chances of rubbing.

The lenses are mirrored, which helps pitchers a lot, while they also offer protection against UVA and UVB rays. All in all, this is one baseball shades that your kids will love.

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