Best Sunglasses for Cycling

With the spring and summer months upon us and the Covid restrictions loosened, it’s a great time to go out and ride your bicycle to enjoy the weather. But the summer sun can wreak havoc on your eyes, and there are allergens and other stuff that can get your eyes and your vision into trouble.

So, you’ll need the proper sunglasses. You may as well get a Costco eye exam while you’re at it, in case you have eye and vision issues that have cropped up lately. Then get a pair of sunglasses that will help you while you’re out there pedaling.

Get your pick from the eyeglasses on this list, to help make sure you’re getting the best:

Premium Cycling Glasses for Long Term Use: Oakley Radar EV Advancer

These aren’t exactly cheap with price tags north of $250, but then you’re getting that reliable Oakley premium territory. You have your pick of frames and it comes with replaceable nose pads.

The lenses and the frame you get here are all prime examples of premium quality, and these are undeniably better than the vast majority of eyeglasses you’ll find elsewhere. It’s true that this doesn’t come with free replacement lenses, but you won’t likely need them anyway. The lenses it already has are fit for many types of conditions, and these sunglasses will work all year long.

The fit is comfy and quite secure, so you won’t have to bother with it while you’re at it cycling on the road. It just stays there on your nose firmly, and it feels great. It even looks great as well, so you don’t have to worry about looking goofy. If you do have a smaller face, then you should go with the Youth Collection version of these glasses to make sure they fit and look right.

Alternative Brand Cycling Sunglasses: 100% S2

Some people don’t want to go with the usual brand suspects like Oakley simply because they want to stand out. This S2 from the 100% brand will certainly make you stand out from other cyclists, with its daring design and large lenses. It also comes with a proven track record, since this is the pair that Peter Sagan wore when he won at Paris Roubaix.

This comes with the HiPER lens that defines contrasts nicely and these lenses offer extensive coverage. You do have 12 lens colors to choose from, and the quality of each one is unmistakable. The only issue is lens smear, so don’t directly handle the lens with your hands.

Lower-Cost Premium Cycling Glasses: Salice 022

This will rival the performance and the aesthetics of more famous brands, while offering a significant discount with the price. It starts with it attractive retro design, with its Italian roots matching nicely with Oakley appearance standards.

But it also rivals the more famous brands with its performance. You get the wide High Contrast lens for enhanced protection and field of vision, and it also boosts your color perception. The frame is flexible and shock-absorbent, and it comes with anti-slip ear tips and interchangeable rubber nose pads. It protects against 100% of UVA, B, and C rays, but it also works nicely in low light biking conditions.

It’s not really heavy at 34 grams, and they’re comfortable even without the adjustability features you might get from other brands. The forward-angled design is also more effective at preventing sweat streaks on your lenses, compared to the glasses that sit nearer to your face.

Budget Cycling Sunglasses: Tifosi Crit

Who says you have to pay dearly for quality cycling sunglasses? Certainly not Tifosi, as their Crit really hits the mark. These come with 2 fitting options, so you have a smaller option for a good fit, if you have a smaller face. And the fit with the half frame is also adjustable.

The weight is suitable at only 31 grams. Your purchase comes with interchangeable ear pads and nose pieces, and even lenses. You already get the photochromatic lenses that quickly change to suit varying light conditions, but you also get a night lens option when you want to ride your bike outdoors while the sun isn’t harshly shining down on you.

Final Words

You need these sunglasses, and it’s not just about fashion, either. You wear these to keep the sunlight out of your eyes, to maintain your vision and protect your eyes from the UV rays. With the best lenses, you can even improve your visual acuity. These glasses also protect your eyes from dust, insects, mud, road spray, and the wind.

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